Madrassa Covid-19 Measures

Covid – 19 Preventive Measures

As a Madrassah establishment, we always endeavour to ensure the health and safety of all students, parents and teachers. However, we still require you to adhere to all Government rules and guidelines in place.

Please can you ensure that your child brings a shoe bag / carrier bag to Madrassah in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Please make sure your child performs Wudhu at home. 


Q. My child has been sent home from school, should I send them to Madrassah?

A. If your child has been sent home from school due to their social bubble being closed, then as per government guidelines they will need to isolate for the same duration as advised by the school.  If they have other siblings who are not affected and are still in school, they are ok to come to the madrassah.

Q. If my child is unwell should I send them to the Madrassah?

A. No, if your child has any symptoms of flu, whether it be a cough, runny nose, temperature, headache then please ensure your child remains at home.  If your child is unwell and is sent to the Madrassah then we will have no choice but to send the child back home.

Q. If my child is in isolation, will the madrassah arrange for an online class?

A. No, we would be unable to do this for individual student(s), however if the whole class needs to be sent home due to a positive case within their social bubble, then we will arrange for the madrassah to be taught online.