Parents Questions

What are the Nursery and Madrassah start time?
Nursery: 5:00pm – 6:45pm
Madrassah: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
please ensure your child arrives no later than this time.

Please note: Lateness and absences can impact the childs end of year result.

What are the current monthly fees for Madrassah students?
Members £20
Non Members £30

When is Madrassah fee due?
The fee is due weekly, however, we encourage parents to pay the full amount at the beginning of each month, this helps reduce the teachers administration time in class when collecting fees.

Can I setup a Direct Debit?
Please call into our office for setup instructions.

What is my child learning in class?
An extensive syllabus has been devised and currently being taught by qualified and experienced Teachers.

Can you send me the syllabus for my child?
Over the past serveral months, we have been listening to the request of parents for a view of their childs syllabus, and therefore, have decided to make this available on our website.

Why do classes stay behind after finish time?
As you will agree, that discipline must be instilled in children in order that they may excel in Madrassah and in any place of education.

We, at Noorani Education Centre endeavour to excercise discipline to all our children. However, we often find some children breaching the set guidelines, and therefore have placed measures such as a staying behind after class or detention.

What else takes place during madrassah hours?
The children offers salahs at their due times, recite salat-o-salam at the end of the day and join assemblies in the main hall, where islamic history is taught based on the any special islamic dates i.e Milad un Nabi, Rajab etc.

I’m considering placing my Son/Daughter in Hifz Class?
The students teacher is the first port of call for advise on the childs Quran progress, if the teacher feels the student is able to achieve hifz then the student can be registered in our pre-hifz class. This is an additional class which runs from 7-8pm weekdays and helps students memorise essential surah of the Quran such as Surah Yaseen, Tabarak. This gives the child the opportunity to experience what it will be like before entering Hifz class and ultimately the teacher will advise you when he feels the child is ready to ontake hifz.

My son/daughter has left Madrassah, but I wish for him to take additional classes to obtain knowledge
Our Imam sahib Moulana Ashfaq is currently running Aalim class, for boys aged 12+. These classes run between 6-8pm Mon-Fri at the Noorani Education Centre, for further details, please contact the madrassa office in person.

I wish my child to learn Tajweed/makharij (pronounciation)
Our Imam Moulana Ashfaq can arrange extra classes over the weekend for your child. Please contact the office for further details.

Girls extra classes – Information currently unavailable