Syllabus – Class 9

Teacher: Apa Mehzabin
Age Group: 6 yrs

Yassarnal Quran
:Revision from Lesson 1 till 10 till completion


Revision from previous year.
Surah Naas, Falaq, Ikhlas


Kalimas learnt in previous class.
5th Kalima Imaane Mujmal & Imaane Mufassal


Revision of Duas learnt in previous year.
Duaa before entering mosque
Coming out from the mosque
Entering the toilet
Leaving the toilet
After drinking milk

Islamic Knowledge

Deeniyat: (Islamic Deeniyat Part – 1)
Five pillars of Islam, Almighty Allah, Greeting, Helping, My Behaviour, Sleeping, Cleanliness, Adaab of Reading the Holy Quran, Some Major sins.

Islamic History: (Islamic History Part – 1) Ambiya of Almighty Allah, Nabi Ismail, Building of Holy Kaaba, Nabi Isa and Other stories