24 hour spiritual retreat

24 hour spiritual retreat

A 24 hour spiritual training programme was held on 25th May. Hosted by our Ramadhan guest, Qari Mohammed Rizwan, the retreat included Quran recitations/translations, Naats, activities, demonstration of sunnah and quizzes.

The format of the event was interaction between the speaker and the guests which made the sessions more interesting and thought provoking for the children.

The event was enjoyed by all including viewers at home where it peaked to over 70 viewers. The general response from the parents who attended was that it should be held more frequently, as such events help nurture our children towards Islam.

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An activity lesson, ‘don’t underestimate yourself’, where children was asked to draw as many lines as they think they can in 1 minute. The overall result was the children drew almost twice as much as they first expected!

This was followed by Qari Rizwan motivating the children to recite 100 duroods sharifs and some read more than 100, a figure they thought they wouldn’t be able to achieve!

One of the other activities involved 2 participants playacting a fight scene where the aim of middle man was to stop the fight by reciting Durood Sharif out loudly. Qari Rizwan explained with real-life examples, how effective this method can be.

The final activity involved a group of ten children tries to encourage the other group to pray Namaz, lots of benefits of namaz ideas was said by the children. Mohammed Zain, 12, from Bolton said “Everything can wait for Salah” which instantly became quote of the day.

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Feedback from guests:

“I’m really humbled by what the children are learning here”- Palestinian Brother, Leicester

“I just want to say Jzk for all the hard work you have put into making this event a memorable experience for all the children. Yahya has really enjoyed the experience and he can’t stop talking about it.”

“The kids really enjoyed a friendly and fun atmosphere towards learning Islam”

“I big JazakAllah to you guys as you did a grand job.”

“I pray that Allah rewards you with happiness and grant all your wishes ameen.”

“The kids loved it not just mine but the lot of them as did the elders. I pray it changes peoples lives for the better.ameen. Need to keep it up with SDI weekly now in Blackburn insha’Allah.”