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   SUN 20 FEB 22

Khatame Qadria

Khatame Qadria will be held on Sunday 29 May 2022 after Asar Salah

Islamic Quiz Challenge

How good is your Islamic Knowledge? Test it with this educational quiz game. The more you play, the more you learn: TAP HERE

Online Masjid Radio

This issue has now been resolved. Use the play button below to connect to live stream from Masjid. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

New Imam

Masjide Raza would like to welcome Moulana Hafiz Qamar Raza (Barelvi Sharif) who has been granted a two-year visa. As well as leading salah, the Imam will provide services , including teaching at the NEC madrassah and hold programmes/talks for both the young and old in English/Urdu.

The Imam commenced his proposed duties as from 14 March 2022.

2nd Jummah

Additional Jummah currently takes place at 3:30pm (Jamaat) until further notice.

Isha Salah

Isha Jamaat will be held at 6:00pm until further notice

Membership fee

If you haven't already, please remember to pay your membership fee for 2021, current fee is £85 (members).


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